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Dihydrogen Monoxide, the main source of greenhouse gases. A Limerick.

UN climate kooks want to cripple US economy and ban H2O Some people will sign anything that includes phrases like, ”global effort,” “international community,” and “planetary.” Such was the case at COP 16, this year’s United Nations Conference on Climate Change in Cancun, Mexico. This year, CFACT students created two mock-petitions to test U.N. Delegates. […]

Save the Chesapeake Bay. A Limerick.

Last week we went down to Virginia Beach for four spectacular days. The weather was perfect, the surf was building day by day and I swam with the Dolphins! They came within 30 feet of me, a school of more than a dozen. Above the Blue Angels trained, first two, then four, then all six […]

Climate change: It’s all in the clouds.

Climate change: It’s all in the clouds. “All sunshine makes a desert.” This is an old Arabic proverb. The Arabs should know. They have a lot of deserts and more desert land is added every year in the Muslim world. Is this due to global warming, or is it due to mismanagement of precious water […]

2009, the year of few hurricanes.

2009, the year of few hurricanes. I was just looking at the National Hurricane center and as so many times during this hurricane season it reads: “There are no tropical cyclones at this time”. This Is true for Atlantic – Caribbean Sea – Gulf of Mexico and Eastern Pacific (out to 140°W) The average June-August […]

The Green Land Greenland in the Arctic.

The Green Land Greenland in the Arctic. The Arctic is defined as the part of the globe above Latitude 66.5 (The Arctic circle). Besides water it contains land masses and islands of Russia, Siberia, Alaska, Canada, Scandinavia, and the islands Greenland, Iceland, Jan Mayen and Svalbard. The ice in the atctic consists of sea-ice, pack-ice, […]

Water, a much bigger problem than climate change.

The safe, clean water essential to all life is rapidly running out in much of the world. Yet the politicians are concentrating on air pollution in the form of CO2 and methane as if a catastrophe is about to hit us. The world has gotten colder the last 11 years, and the future trend is […]