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Sarah Palin in Madison, Wisconsin. The start of the 2012 campaign. A Limerick.

Sarah Palin rallied the people in Madison Shouted quite clearly “The battle is on”. The rent-a-mob jeered And the patriots cheered. “It starts here, Obama, – Game on!”

The Royal Triangle of Greed. A Limerick.

Feds, Unions and Business in need: The Royal Triangle of Greed; Blood suckers indeed. We need to take heed It is “We the People” they bleed.

Who is in charge here? A Limerick.

When SEIU counts the votes in Nevada Who then is in charge of the whole enchilada? But Obama fersure Makes our harbors secure, He entrusts ILA with the merchant armada. SEIU: Service Employees International Union. ILA: International Longshoremen’s Association.