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Religious? Service in TV2 in Sweden. What happened to Sweden?

Religious? Service in TV2 in Sweden. What happened to Sweden. First some information about Swedish TV programming: Every Swedish customer must pay about $400 per year for the right to have a TV. This is to pay for the Government TV, two channels. In addition there are about 8 channels of commercial TV, plus a […]

Trouble in Sweden. “The State is always Right”. Children taken from parents without due process

Every now and then there is a news story that upsets me, and I am not clear why this story and not the riots in Egypt, the disregard for constitutional law, the general breakdown of civility and countless other stories that should upset you. The video shown below is of a Russian woman living in […]

Vote fishing in Sweden September 2010

Vote fishing in Sweden September 2010 Sweden is having a national election the third Sunday in September. All of parliament is being elected, so this is a big deal. Sweden has more than 500000 Muslims, about 5.5% of the population. They live to a large extent in enclaves, voluntarily separating themselves from the rest of […]