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Obama loves Spain. It’s hard to explain. A Limerick.

Let’s follow the pattern of Spain (1) Go green, go in debt, inflict pain.(2) Too many are jobless (3) The Socialists clueless (4) They got voted out to Spain’s gain. (5) (6) (1) On eight occasions, the current occupant of the White House (Obama) has referred to the Spanish model as an example to follow. […]

Terror in Norway. Why?

Terror in Norway. Why? Nothing ever happens in Norway. That was true until yesterday when over 95 people were killed in a bombing in Oslo and a Social Democratic youth camp. It didn’t take long for the blame game to start. This is what I have learnt: Al-Qaida: Two different groups claiming responsibility. The Israeli […]

Chrislam, Crusade or Jihad? Or maybe Marx?

The type of belief that Chrislam marks; It has no convictions, unlike Rosa Parks. Obama the conman deceiver and corps(e)man; His faith is to emulate ChrIslaMarx. A very good article explains the movement: This weekend of Nov 2010, the Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church in Houston along with Christian communities in Atlanta, Seattle, and Detroit will […]

Cain built a City, in China, it’s empty.

And Cain built a City*, he went to the east. They are standing empty and gathering yeast. The bureaucrats plan. That is common to man. They plan and they plan, they are feeding the beast. *Genesis 4:16-17 (King James Version) And Cain went out from the presence of the LORD, and dwelt in the land […]

My testimony and the tragedy in Arizona.

The events of last week has affected me deeply, not in the way I had expected, but much more profoundly. To fully understand what happened, let me go back, way back to my days in Sweden as an agnostic liberal, for most Swedes are liberal or socialists. We still had the hope of a better […]

The religious side of the environmental movement. A Limerick.

An inconvenient spoof? What we have here is a return to the old Baal worship, much condemned in the Bible. Elijah’s epic challenge at the mount of Carmel comes to mind. The Asherah poles (or groves) everywhere on prominent places in the middle East gives an illustration how widespread it was among the Canaanite’s and […]

The Swedish Election Limerick

Sweden is having a general election this Sunday, 9/19/2010. It is usually of little interest to anybody but Swedes, but this one is different. There has arisen a new party, “Sverigedemoraterna” – the Swedish Democrats- and all the established political parties, the media, and the immigrants are joining forces to shut them out of debates, […]

Obama and Odinga in Kenya, A Limerick

The picture at left shows Sen. Barack Obama with Raila Odinga in 2006. The picture at right shows Obama’s family in 1988 in Kogelo. In a new best-selling book connecting Islam and Obama-style socialism, a former top terrorism prosecutor chides the national media for failing to investigate Barack Obama’s “borderline criminal” activities in Kenya as […]