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A 60 day fix for tax-laws, but no budget? A Limerick

Our Tax Laws have gotten a 60 day fix with Trust Fund Depletion Allowance tricks. New fees that’s forever Are Lawmakers clever? No budget in three years, they’re Hicks. Advertisements

What happened to the Social Security trust fund? A Limerick

Mr. President! Will seniors get paid? Your excuse never ends. You squandered the trust fund to pay off your friends. “George Bush is to blame!” Your mantra the same. You own the economy now. Make amends!

Obama the fraud. A Limerick.

Obama, Soetoro, now Ludwig the fraud. His birth doesn’t matter if here or abroad. He is an imposter Says the SS roster. In spite of all this, Democrats still applaud.

Obama and Social Security, A Limerick

Now we as a nation awake from our slumber. Our Social Security soundness encumber. A whole panorama like: Who is Obama? And why does he use a Connecticut number?