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With Romney the Republicans are content with Obamacare. A Limerick.

Sarah’s old motto: Repeal and replace. Romneycare is Massachusetts disgrace. “We must all have health-care.” Republicans don’t dare to challenge insane law: The Federal Maze.

Is Mitt Romney the Republican choice? A Limerick

Can Romney dethrone “The anointed no-one?” Campaigned very often, but seldom he won. His own track record weak. So we are up the creek, less Sarah will enter and get the job done.

What is worse, Romney and cult or Hillary and occult? A Limerick.

Does Romney belong to a cult? Did Hillary seek* the occult? If you are and adult It is not difficult You’d rather a cult than occult consult. *Following the November, 1994, midterm elections, in which the Democrats were thoroughly defeated by the Republicans, even losing control of both houses of Congress, Bill and Hillary turned […]