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Obamacare and prostate cancer. The p-pill link. A Limerick.

Can people get cancer from taking the pill? Both they and their partners most surely will. Synthetic estrogen Acts as carcinogen. Obamacare soon will go in for the kill! Researchers recently studied the link between prostate cancer incidence and mortality and the use of birth control pills. The authors of the study, published in 2011 […]

Obamacare Limerick

Who is it that throws the old folks overboard? The “Independent Payment Advisory Board”. The “Death Panel” of fate On this broke Ship of State. Them folks QALY * too few for the nursing home ward. *Quality adjusted life years.

Obamacare: Not for the faint-hearted. A Limerick

Obamacare: Health-plan that’s modern and sleek. Survival of fittest, no place for the meek. Be sure to be strong For it won’t be long To keep the plan solvent, we weed out the weak.