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The National debt. Can it be blamed on George W. Bush? Nancy Pelosy anyone?

“After years of historic deficits, this 110th Congress will commit itself to a higher standard: Pay as you go, no new deficit spending,” Nancy Pelosi said in her inaugural address from the speaker’s podium. “Our new America will provide unlimited opportunity for future generations, not burden them with mountains of debt.” How well did she […]

Obama is not eligible to be president. A Limerick

“Under provisions of THE Constitution” Dropped from Obama’s State Certification The White House resident Illegal President Nancy & Co signed in collusion. This is deeper than just a birth certificate. Has this happened before? They keep saying we are after Barack Obama because he is a black man. Nothing could be further from the truth. […]

Nancy Pelosy calls the tragedy in Arizona an accident!

Nancy Pelosi called the tragedy in Arizona an “accident” on the floor of the congress. Nancy Pelosi is accident prone. It’s “a tragic accident”, that she did moan. It is my desire that she would retire. Five trillions more debt; do not give her a loan!

An election day Ode to Nancy Pelosi. A song.

Ode to Nancy Pelosi. A song, Limerick style.

http://www.youtube.com/v/u-fktgqojvE?version=3 My first attempt at using U-tube.

The real witchcraft in Washington: A Limerick

; A very bad witchcraft has come from the left They’re squandering wealth: Generational theft. They are cooking the books, It is worse than it looks, Since Nancy and Harry their magic wands weft.

A Limerick on Congress reconvene.

Reconvening of Congress, their action quite speedy To bail out the unions, they all are so greedy. Harry, Nancy and Barack Act together as a pack: Take it from food stamps; who cares ‘bout the needy?

Ode to Nancy Pelosi, Limerick song.

LEFT: Nancy Pelosi tries her best to explain her strange behavior. RIGHT:Question: Why does an American Woman Infidel do the sign of the cross in the great Umayyad Mosque in Damascus Syria? Answer: Nancy Pelosi does the sign of the cross to pay her utmost respect to the skull of John the Baptist. House Speaker […]