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Ryan, Biden, Romney, Obama and the four horsemen of the apocalypse.

Ryan, Biden, Romney, Obama and the four horsemen of the apocalypse. Now when the election is over I am impressed how prophetic history unfolds before our very eyes. \The book of Revelation (also called the Apocalypse) has fascinating reading, and the reader is promised a blessing if he so does. With all the death and […]

Lord of the Ring: Obamas wedding band carries the first half of the Shahada.

“There is no God except Allah” His “Christian” faith, a big haha. The gold ring is the proof. His profession a spoof. Allegiance is with his Mullah. There has been much speculation about why Obama wore a golden ring on his wedding finger already as a student at Occidental. Later at his wedding, his bride […]

The Islamic Republic of Iran: Bill Clinton’s favorite Country. A Limerick

“It is the only country in the world that has now had six elections since the first election of [its president in 1997]. (It is) the only one with elections, including the United States, including Israel, including you name it, where the liberals, or the progressives, have won two-thirds to 70 percent of the vote […]

Is Obama a Christian? A Limerick.

Shahada, professing Obama’s belief That makes him a Muslim, much to our grief He keeps saying this: A Christian he is. Unless he is baptized, he lies like a thief. In Feb 2008 Obama said: “Here are the simple facts. I am a Christian. I am a devout Christian. I have been a member of […]

The last words of Moses, Jesus and Mohammed and what they mean to us.

In new format at : http://lenbilen.com/2012/02/12/the-last-words-of-moses-jesus-and-mohammed-and-what-they-mean-to-us/ The last words of Moses, Jesus and Mohammed and what they mean to us. President Obama held a speech in Cairo in 2009 where he among other things mentioned the story of Isra. Obama said:” Too many tears have been shed. Too much blood has been shed. All of […]

Sesame Street comes to Pakistan. Our Foreign Aid tax money at work. A Limerick.

For Sesame Street in Urdu we paid Twenty millions of our Foreign Aid Our values it smothers The girls wear head covers Promote Muslim doctrine is here. Enough said. Sesame Street comes to Pakistan US government aid agency sponsors $20m Pakistani remake of the American kids’ TV show There’s no Cookie Monster, no Big Bird […]

The new logo for the Missile Defense Agency.

Left: The old logo Right: The new logo The Missile Defense Agents gave us a present; Designed the Obamic Islamic new Crescent. Is this their new vision? We’re held in derision. Gone is our freedon like lights incandescent. Down left: The Iranian space agency logo. Down right: A composite picture.

Chrislam, Crusade or Jihad? Or maybe Marx?

The type of belief that Chrislam marks; It has no convictions, unlike Rosa Parks. Obama the conman deceiver and corps(e)man; His faith is to emulate ChrIslaMarx. A very good article explains the movement: This weekend of Nov 2010, the Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church in Houston along with Christian communities in Atlanta, Seattle, and Detroit will […]

Afghan Red Cross worker to die for converting to Christianity.

A therapist worked hard in Afghanistan. He did lose a leg but became a new man. Among Muslim strife Christ gave him new life. He is to be hanged, that’s the Muslim God’s plan. Afghans face death penalty for converting to Christianity Right:Said-Musa-With-Amputee-Child. Right 2,3,4 Pictures of Afghan hangings. Said Musa, a physiotherapist for the […]

Joseph’s Tomb. A Limerick.

Ten years ago Joseph’s Tomb was destroyed. Four thousand years history is null and void. In the place for his bones Muslim Holy site thrones . The fruits of Jihad; does that make you annoyed?