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No budget passed in 3 years, Obama’s last failed 97-0. Blame the Republicans! A limerick.

A thousand days passed and no budget in sight. The Democrats will not do anything right. Both Obama and Reid Fail our country in need. They blame the Republicans, try as they might. Advertisements

Harry Reid: The private sector jobs are doing just fine. A limerick.

“The private jobs sector is doing just fine”. How could Harry Reid ever utter that line? In the senate no less. He has made such a mess. He should go to a place where the sun doesn’t shine.

Harry Reid and the Tea Party Limerick.

When members of the Tea Party say that pork is federal money wasted to create jobs, then they know little about the realities of what goes on in Washington, Sen. Harry Reid, (D-Nev.) told CNBC Friday. “Whoever suggests that knows nothing about government, zero,” said Reid. Reid, the Senate majority leader, who is in a […]

Harry Reid and the worldwide depression Limerick

Fox News: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is having a heck of a time trying to get re-elected, in part, he says, because people don’t want to know that he prevented a worldwide depression. The Nevada Democrat, whose poll numbers are see-sawing against rival Republican Senate nominee Sharron Angle, told MSNBC’s Ed Schultz on Thursday […]

A Limerick on Congress reconvene.

Reconvening of Congress, their action quite speedy To bail out the unions, they all are so greedy. Harry, Nancy and Barack Act together as a pack: Take it from food stamps; who cares ‘bout the needy?