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Wind farms and warming, tilting at windmills, a limerick.

Wind farms can cause climate change, according to new research, that shows for the first time the new technology is already pushing up temperatures. Usually at night the air closer to the ground becomes colder when the sun goes down and the earth cools. But on huge wind farms the motion of the turbines mixes […]

A Climate skeptic’s epiphany response.

A Climate skeptic’s epiphany response. Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post started his op-ed with the sentence: “For the clueless or cynical diehards who deny global warming it is getting awfully cold out there”. Yes, indeed. It is getting cold alright. Robinson quoted Richard Muller, a true scientist, as having said “Global warming is real”. […]

Record late ice breakup at Barrow, Alaska expected. A Limerick

Late ice breakup forecast for Barrow, Alaska. Maybe even a record late breakup. The icepack at Barrow is still holding firm The warming enthusiasts are starting to squirm. What happened to warming? This is most alarming. No cap and trade bill in Obama’s one term.

The deadly tornadoes in the South, an early sign of global cooling.

The deadly tornadoes in the South, an early sign of global cooling. The first reaction to the headline might be: You got that wrong, every weather related calamity is the result of global warming caused by manmade actions. To get an answer let us look at an 1100 year history of the North Atlantic. During […]

In this age of skyrocketing food prices and shortages, get rid of ethanol as a fuel!

I just checked the price of corn. It is $ 7.82 a bushel. One bushel of corn makes 2.5 gallon of ethanol That makes the feedstock price to make ethanol $3.13 a gallon. Add to that 50 cents to make the stuff and distribute it and the price per gallon is $ 3.63. Since the […]

NASA’s Glory Satellite failed a second time. A Climate challenge.

The Satellite Glory has failed us once more No measuring aerosols forming offshore. Is NASA unable to say GAIA is stable? The jury’s still out for the swindler Al Gore. A rocket carrying NASA’s newest climate satellite failed to reach orbit today (March 4) and likely crashed into the southern Pacific Ocean after its nose […]

Bovine emissions a global concern. So says the EPA.

Picture left: The cows are coming home to get milked, well nourished from a healthy grass diet Picture right: Reearch cow from Argentina fitted with a methand collecting backpack. This cow is fed feedlot style. You cannot accuse EPA to be lax It works very hard to propose a fart tax. They are running on […]

Record cold in Mexico. Food prices to soar. Civil disorder next?

It happened again, this time in Mexico. The City of Ciudad Juarez hit Zero degree Fahrenheit, a new all time low for the month of February. Freezing temperatures across a wide swath of the northern states the night of Feb. 3-4 have made a big impact in available fresh produce. Expect the effects to be […]

CO2, Man’s best friend.

They published a book I can recommend It tells CO2 is our very best friend. The warming is done. Saturated*, we won. Too hard for you warmists to comprehend? The book is called “The many benefits from atmospheric CO2 enrichment.” and can be ordered from: http://www.valeslake.com/bookmart.htm From: http://scienceandpublicpolicy.org/other/benefits_of_co2.html A synopsis can be downloaded in pdf […]

Lies, damned lies, Statistics and Climate Forecasting. A song.

It is hard to make predictions – especially about the future (Yogi Berra, Niels Bohr, et al.) The Met Office has caused a storm of controversy after it was revealed their £30million supercomputer designed to predict climate change is one of Britain’s worst polluters. The massive machine – the UK’s most powerful computer with a […]