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The Malthusian option: Food or Ethanol? A Limerick with explanation.

When EPA regulates, they are but slobs; No thought what effect it will have on our jobs. (1) You want food? You want fuel? (2) The choice is too cruel. (3) A Malthusian choice, that’s why Mother Earth sobs. (4) (1) (2)TUCSON, Ariz., March 28, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — U.S. and European policy to increase production […]

In this age of skyrocketing food prices and shortages, get rid of ethanol as a fuel!

I just checked the price of corn. It is $ 7.82 a bushel. One bushel of corn makes 2.5 gallon of ethanol That makes the feedstock price to make ethanol $3.13 a gallon. Add to that 50 cents to make the stuff and distribute it and the price per gallon is $ 3.63. Since the […]

Ethanol in your cars or feed a hungry world?

The federal moonshiners outdid themselves For food in the store disappears from the shelves. We stoppped exporting corn To a hungry world’s scorn. We can’t even grow enough corn for ourselves. 40% of our corn crop is being diverted to ethanol production. That means that much less food to feed a hungry world. With drought […]

Is CO2 emissions good when it comes to ethanol?

Isn’t the promotion of ethanol as biofuel a curious choice if limiting the CO2 emissions is a desireable goal? Half the weight of the sugar molecule gets up in the air as CO2 when sugar gets fermented into ethanol. Hic, who are we kidding? Or is it just the revenooers that are on our trail?