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Will we pass an energy bill finally? A Limerick.

Gov. Sarah Palin tweeted February 17, 2012: “SarahPalinUSA: House passes energy bill. Will Pres. Obama & Senate Democrat leadership ignore it while Americans face $4 a gallon gas? The House on Thursday evening passed a bill that seeks to encourage oil shale development, drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR), and offshore drilling in […]

Rand Paul at congressional hearing. A limerick.

The wormlight is good for us, so I’ve been told. Soon it’s the only light left to be sold. Our future seems stark We’re held in the dark. With no more oil drilling we’re left in the cold. Complain ‘bout the loo-flush was what he did do, Others chimed in, “ours don’t work well too” […]

Energy from Thorium. Save 500 Million from the Budget now!

Here is an idea on how to save money that comes from the Thorium community on how to save more than 500 million dollars in the federal budget and energy, scientific and medical benefits as a bonus.(1) The situation: The Department of Energy has 1400 Kg Uranium-233 stored at Oak Ridge National Lab. They are […]