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A Limerick on day after Thanksgiving leftovers: A 24 Billion dollar increase in Federal Debt.

A Limerick on Thanksgiving Day leftovers: A 24 Billion dollar increase in Federal Debt. The U.S. Treasury increased the net debt of the United States $24,327,048,384.38 on the day after Thanksgiving, which equals approximately $211.69 for each of the nation’s 114,916,000 households. (CNSNEWS) In August 2011, the debt ceiling — the amount of money the […]

Please explain your theology, Mr. President.

Mr. President! On the resent National Prayer Breakfast in Washington D.C. you said: “Jesus would back my tax-the-rich policy.” You went on to say that your understanding of the Bible is the basis for your economic policies. Campaigning in Ohio, presidential candidate Rick Santorum was criticizing your radical environmental views, which he said hurt the […]

Obama loves Spain. It’s hard to explain. A Limerick.

Let’s follow the pattern of Spain (1) Go green, go in debt, inflict pain.(2) Too many are jobless (3) The Socialists clueless (4) They got voted out to Spain’s gain. (5) (6) (1) On eight occasions, the current occupant of the White House (Obama) has referred to the Spanish model as an example to follow. […]

The Social Security payroll deduction, a Depletion Allowance. A Limerick

The Social Security Payroll deduction, Its trust fund has suffered substantial reduction. That old promise they swore; Null and void to the core. Depletion allowance: A logic deduction.

No free speech in Australia, Carbon tax rules! A Limerick.

Gal Julia Gillard, P.M. from Canberra Does not like free speech, not on her Firma Terra.* Don’t mention the prices The Carbon tax rises. Obama and Julia. Transparency – Ha! * The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has issued warnings to businesses that they will face whopping fines of up to $1.1m if they blame […]

Evergreen Solar is filing for bankruptcy. A Limerick.

One of President Obama’s pet green companies is filing for bankruptcy. After millions in subsidies 800 people are laid off. The equipment is being transferred to China. Evergreen Solar is going bankrupt With millions in subsidies – all is corrupt. Many green jobs are lost – gone to China – at cost. Get rid of […]

In this age of skyrocketing food prices and shortages, get rid of ethanol as a fuel!

I just checked the price of corn. It is $ 7.82 a bushel. One bushel of corn makes 2.5 gallon of ethanol That makes the feedstock price to make ethanol $3.13 a gallon. Add to that 50 cents to make the stuff and distribute it and the price per gallon is $ 3.63. Since the […]

Ethanol in your cars or feed a hungry world?

The federal moonshiners outdid themselves For food in the store disappears from the shelves. We stoppped exporting corn To a hungry world’s scorn. We can’t even grow enough corn for ourselves. 40% of our corn crop is being diverted to ethanol production. That means that much less food to feed a hungry world. With drought […]

The first trillion dollar month for the U.S. treasury. A Limerick

February 2011, the first trillion dollar month for the U.S. Treasury. Look at the sum 1.009.944.000.000 dollars as the monthly sum. Something to be proud of? Click to access viewDTSFiles The treasury just broke a record of sort. Last month they came up a trillion bucks short. The media is mum. And I do feel […]

An election day Ode to Nancy Pelosi. A song.