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Gridlock Congress, Obama’s campaign strategy. A Limerick.

Gridlock the Congress! The rallying cry. That’s how Obama has planned to get by. The most negative spin Is his plan how to win. Shellacking the country to conquer; Oh my.

They passed Sixteen bills, and what did they get,

They say that our congress is made outta mud, They talk and they talk, they’re chewing their cud. But Congress Republicans are hardly to blame, The blame is the Democrats and that’s to their shame. They passed sixteen bills and what did they get. Another scolding and deeper in debt. You tell Obama that he’s […]

A limerick about the budget

For a budget to pass, it’s enough to be deemed, and that’s why our Congress is less than esteemed. Get rid of them all! And do it this fall, for otherwise this very country is doomed!