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Obama watches the Bulls while Congress acts.

While Congress debates how to save, spend and tax Obama is watching the Bulls play, he’s lax. (1) His prowess is trailin’ Not so Sarah Palin. She has the cojones Obama lacks. (2) (1) http://www.nbcchicago.com/news/local/Obama-to-Host-White-House-Bulls-Viewing-Party-117651258.html (2)

Limerick on the words cojones and cajones.

Cojones, a word that is great Its meaning just dawned on me late. Obama the fool, What caused them to drool; In One word did Sarah negate. I listened to the video with Mike Wallace Sunday Aug 1 where he asked about the Arizona situation Sarah Palin’s answer was: “Jan Brewer has the cojones that […]