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Betwixt Christine O’Donnell and Chris Coons. A choice Limerick.

Despite all the polls it is not over yet twixt Christine O’Donnell and Harry Reid’s pet. He’ll obey their command, join the tax and spend band. A vote for Chris Coons: The pet marionette. Advertisements

Christine O’Donnell and Chris Coons debate. A Limerick

The Delaware candidates for senate had an interesting debate this morning. Delaware Republican Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell asked the question: “Where in the Constitution is the separation of church and state?” Democratic candidate Chris Coons was quick to tell O’Donnell that religion and government are kept separate by the First Amendment. Later in the debate, […]

Christine O’Donnels first TV commercial. A Limerick.

Christine O’Donnell has made her first TV commercial. This was my reaction: It goes without saying Christine has appeal. You know she will vote for the health care repeal. Puts away cap and trade, She gets my accolade. She has nerves made of steel, but her voice is genteel.

Chris Coons or Christine O’Donnell for Senate? A Limerick.

Chris Coons is running for the Senate seat in Delaware, opposing Christine O’Donnell. After a year or more of foreign college education in Kenya he wrote the essay “The making of a bearded Marxist”. This experience defined his world-view, and as far as I know it still defines him. I will happily provide him with […]

Christine O’Donnell or Hillary Clinton. Which is Witch? A Limerick.

Following the November, 1994, midterm elections, in which the Democrats were thoroughly defeated by the Republicans, even losing control of both houses of Congress, Bill and Hillary turned to a group of New Age channelers and spiritualists for advice. This shocking development further proves our contention that Bill and Hillary are practicing witches, for this […]

Christine O’Donnell. Time to speak up: A Limerick.

Christine O’Donnell “I dabbled into witchcraft” As a high school student you hang around with people that did things. It is not the unpardonable sin. But not speaking up about what you learned from it and your moments of redemption will hurt your cause. Tell it like it is and how it made you stronger […]

Chris Coons vs. Christine O’Donnell in Delaware. A Limerick

Senator majority leader Harry Reid said: “I’m going to be very honest with you — Chris Coons, everybody knows him in the Democratic caucus. He’s my pet. He’s my favorite candidate”. Coons graduated from Amherst College in 1985 with a B.A. in Chemistry and Political Science, earning a Truman Scholarship. During his junior year of […]

Mike Castle or Christine O’Donnell for senate? A Limerick

Mike Castle’s poll numbers are way below fifty, O’Donnell, the unknown looks more and more nifty. And Sarah endorsed her That boosting just forced her Opponents sly tactics to be low and shifty.

Sarah Palin endorses Christine O’Donnell for senate. A Limerick

O’Donnell, Christine just got Sarah’s endorsement, Republicans now know what buyers’ remorse meant. Mike Castle will find The meaning behind The roar from a Grizzly – and what that great force meant.