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Sarah Palin is quitting Fox News to do what? A Limerick.

A source close to Palin confirmed to Breitbart News that Palin declined FOX News’ offer to renew her contract, and the two parties seem to be parting amicably. Bill Shine, an executive vice president at FOX News, said in a statement, “We have thoroughly enjoyed our association with Governor Palin. We wish her the best […]

Obama like Henry the 8th decides what is faith. A Limerick.

Obama is doing the Henry the 8th. (1) “I am the King. I decide what is faith. And I like abortions (2) of Baal-like proportions and orgies galore. I don’t care what you saith.” (3) (1) Besides his six marriages, Henry VIII is known for his role in the separation of the Church of England […]

Religious freedom is under attack. A Limerick

Religious freedom is under attack. Obama and Jarrett, the whole White House pack. “In a year you’ll obey.” That’s the new White House way. “For I rule supreme, and my name is Barack”.

Is Obama a Christian? A Limerick.

Shahada, professing Obama’s belief That makes him a Muslim, much to our grief He keeps saying this: A Christian he is. Unless he is baptized, he lies like a thief. In Feb 2008 Obama said: “Here are the simple facts. I am a Christian. I am a devout Christian. I have been a member of […]

What is worse, Romney and cult or Hillary and occult? A Limerick.

Does Romney belong to a cult? Did Hillary seek* the occult? If you are and adult It is not difficult You’d rather a cult than occult consult. *Following the November, 1994, midterm elections, in which the Democrats were thoroughly defeated by the Republicans, even losing control of both houses of Congress, Bill and Hillary turned […]

Religious? Service in TV2 in Sweden. What happened to Sweden?

Religious? Service in TV2 in Sweden. What happened to Sweden. First some information about Swedish TV programming: Every Swedish customer must pay about $400 per year for the right to have a TV. This is to pay for the Government TV, two channels. In addition there are about 8 channels of commercial TV, plus a […]

“I am” on Sarah Palin’s t-shirt at Iowa State Fair.

Sarah Palin showed up practically unannounced at the Iowa State Fair and drew a lot of attention. On the back of her t-shirt was hand-written the two words “I am”. Like always with Sarah Palin she is conveying a coded message. It is very cryptic. Let me see if I can shed some light on […]

Michele Bachmann and the ‘submit’ question. A Limerick.

In reponse to the Fox-News presidential debate last night Aug. 11. Ms. Bachmann just knows what it means to submit. Been married a long time, she will never quit. It’s not what you suspect For the word means respect. The questioner proved he is but a nit-wit. Ephesians 5:21 Submitting yourselves one to another in […]

Chrislam, Crusade or Jihad? Or maybe Marx?

The type of belief that Chrislam marks; It has no convictions, unlike Rosa Parks. Obama the conman deceiver and corps(e)man; His faith is to emulate ChrIslaMarx. A very good article explains the movement: This weekend of Nov 2010, the Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church in Houston along with Christian communities in Atlanta, Seattle, and Detroit will […]

Afghan Red Cross worker to die for converting to Christianity.

A therapist worked hard in Afghanistan. He did lose a leg but became a new man. Among Muslim strife Christ gave him new life. He is to be hanged, that’s the Muslim God’s plan. Afghans face death penalty for converting to Christianity Right:Said-Musa-With-Amputee-Child. Right 2,3,4 Pictures of Afghan hangings. Said Musa, a physiotherapist for the […]