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Obama’s 2013 budget: Dead on arrival. A Limerick.

His budget is like a campaign manifesto. Its death on arrival will Congress attest to. It’s delayed by a week. Our future looks bleak Unless we defeat him, and that must go presto.

Obama’s long term economic policy: Eight more weeks! A Limerick.

Obama urged Congress to “just get it done.” His budget did fail ninety-seven to none. Obama is lazy, His policies crazy. Spend more! Eight more weeks! Blame the rich! It’s not fun.

No budget passed in 3 years, Obama’s last failed 97-0. Blame the Republicans! A limerick.

A thousand days passed and no budget in sight. The Democrats will not do anything right. Both Obama and Reid Fail our country in need. They blame the Republicans, try as they might.

A limerick about the budget

For a budget to pass, it’s enough to be deemed, and that’s why our Congress is less than esteemed. Get rid of them all! And do it this fall, for otherwise this very country is doomed!