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Ryan, Biden, Romney, Obama and the four horsemen of the apocalypse.

Ryan, Biden, Romney, Obama and the four horsemen of the apocalypse. Now when the election is over I am impressed how prophetic history unfolds before our very eyes. \The book of Revelation (also called the Apocalypse) has fascinating reading, and the reader is promised a blessing if he so does. With all the death and […]

Netanyahu’s coded message to Sarah Palin at AIPAC.

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu in his speech Mar 4 2012 to AIPAC said this: Ladies and Gentlemen, This week, we will read how one woman changed Jewish history. In Synagogues throughout the world, the Jewish people will celebrate the festival of Purim. We will read how some 2,500 years ago, a Persian anti-Semite tried […]

Doonesbury equals ultrasound with rape. A Limerick.

The Obama recovery. Cost: One million per job.

The Federal continuing resolution spending allocation ran up an all-time record deficit for the month of February 2012: 229 Billion dollars. The economy added 227 thousand new jobs for the same month. Running a budget deficit is stimulating the economy, leading to job growth. Every job created last month cost our grandchildren over one million […]

Karl Rove! Eat your snot! Endorse Sarah Palin for the good of our country!

Karl Rove mockingly dismissed the value of Sarah and Todd Palin’s endorsements on a private conference call March 7, noting that their backing of Newt Gingrich in Alaska “demonstrated that endorsements don’t mean snot.” We have an old saying in the fishing villages of western Sweden. “That is not lost which flows out of your […]

Please explain your theology, Mr. President.

Mr. President! On the resent National Prayer Breakfast in Washington D.C. you said: “Jesus would back my tax-the-rich policy.” You went on to say that your understanding of the Bible is the basis for your economic policies. Campaigning in Ohio, presidential candidate Rick Santorum was criticizing your radical environmental views, which he said hurt the […]

Sarah Palin is ready to serve! Run, Sarah, Run!

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin said Feb 15 on Eric Bolling’s final show on Fox Business that if the GOP primary/caucus season ended in a brokered convention and she were summoned to serve, she would answer the call. She has been working tirelessly for a brokered convention ever since she spoke well of Santorum before […]

Obamacare and prostate cancer. The p-pill link. A Limerick.

Can people get cancer from taking the pill? Both they and their partners most surely will. Synthetic estrogen Acts as carcinogen. Obamacare soon will go in for the kill! Researchers recently studied the link between prostate cancer incidence and mortality and the use of birth control pills. The authors of the study, published in 2011 […]

Obama’s 2013 budget: Dead on arrival. A Limerick.

His budget is like a campaign manifesto. Its death on arrival will Congress attest to. It’s delayed by a week. Our future looks bleak Unless we defeat him, and that must go presto.

Obama Scolds Jan Brewer at arrival to Arizona. A Limerick.

Obama did scold Mrs. Brewer. She is head of State, respect due her. Granted, she stood her ground, And her reason is sound: Defend her State’s rights when they sue her.