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My testimony on time and space, eternity and the eternal covenant. “The Grand design”.

Here I was, age 32, gloriously saved by reading the book of Matthew and seeing the honesty of the words “that deceiver” suddenly convincing me that Jesus Christ is risen. But how do I reconcile that with my belief that God is outside time and space, if he exists at all? Not only did I […]

Yes, Stephen Hawking. There is a God.

With his new book “The Grand Design,” retired Cambridge physicist Stephen Hawking appears to have further bolstered his reputation as a latter-day Charles Darwin. He goes on to explain that the universe created itself from nothing. Hmm. Let us see: Genesis 1:3 (King James Version) And God said, Let there be light: and there was […]

My testimony and the tragedy in Arizona.

The events of last week has affected me deeply, not in the way I had expected, but much more profoundly. To fully understand what happened, let me go back, way back to my days in Sweden as an agnostic liberal, for most Swedes are liberal or socialists. We still had the hope of a better […]

The end of the recession blues. A Limerick.

The “Great Recession” has ended, officially. That’s the word from the private, nonprofit research organization that calls the beginnings and ends of recessions, the National Bureau of Economic Research. The NBER said Monday that the recession which began in December 2007 ended in June 2009, which marked the beginning of an expansion. The announcement rules […]

Muslims, Christians and ground zero. A Limerick.

As Christians we have only one risen hero He died for our sins on the cross at ground zero I’ll Muslims embrace, But first they must face The truth in the great ”Iron Cross” at ground zero

The case for a God

The case for a God. By Lennart Bilén For many years trying to think like a scientist I attempted to explain everything without involving anything about which we do not know. The question always is: So how do we exist? The fundamental laws of Physics tell us the total sum of matter and energy is […]

Slavery through the ages, or “The curse of Ham”

Slavery through the ages, or “The curse of Ham” Obama Says Slavery’s Past Should Be Taught in the United States. He said this while in Ghana, a former slave trading center. Religion is not permitted to be taught in public schools, but religion plays a vital part in both the establishment and abolishment of slavery. […]

The evolution of evolution. A personal journey.

The evolution of evolution. A personal journey. In my early childhood in Sweden we lived is a small community where grades 3-6 were taught together in one class. This meant that the teacher did allow a lot of freedom to explore on my own books in the school library. They had not thrown away any […]

Moses, Jesus and Mohammed joined in prayer where?

President Obama gave a rousing speech in Cairo which was dubbed by some as Wilsonian in its lofty rhetoric, historic in scope and generally inspiring to all of mankind. I however was left puzzled. When did Moses, Jesus, and Mohammed ever appear together, and for what purpose?   First let us take a look at the […]