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They passed Sixteen bills, and what did they get,

They say that our congress is made outta mud, They talk and they talk, they’re chewing their cud. But Congress Republicans are hardly to blame, The blame is the Democrats and that’s to their shame. They passed sixteen bills and what did they get. Another scolding and deeper in debt. You tell Obama that he’s […]

Ode to Nancy Pelosi, Limerick song.

LEFT: Nancy Pelosi tries her best to explain her strange behavior. RIGHT:Question: Why does an American Woman Infidel do the sign of the cross in the great Umayyad Mosque in Damascus Syria? Answer: Nancy Pelosi does the sign of the cross to pay her utmost respect to the skull of John the Baptist. House Speaker […]

The five tenets of the Christian Faith. A song

The five tenets of faith. A song There are five tenets of faith in Islam. What would be the corresponding tenets for a Christian? Let us take a look at what the 5 tenets of faith are in Islam. 1. Shahada (affirmation) The duty to recite the creed: “There is nothing worthy of worship save […]