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The Obama recovery. Cost: One million per job.

The Federal continuing resolution spending allocation ran up an all-time record deficit for the month of February 2012: 229 Billion dollars. The economy added 227 thousand new jobs for the same month. Running a budget deficit is stimulating the economy, leading to job growth. Every job created last month cost our grandchildren over one million […]

Obama’s long term economic policy: Eight more weeks! A Limerick.

Obama urged Congress to “just get it done.” His budget did fail ninety-seven to none. Obama is lazy, His policies crazy. Spend more! Eight more weeks! Blame the rich! It’s not fun.

A 60 day fix for tax-laws, but no budget? A Limerick

Our Tax Laws have gotten a 60 day fix with Trust Fund Depletion Allowance tricks. New fees that’s forever Are Lawmakers clever? No budget in three years, they’re Hicks.

The Social Security payroll deduction, a Depletion Allowance. A Limerick

The Social Security Payroll deduction, Its trust fund has suffered substantial reduction. That old promise they swore; Null and void to the core. Depletion allowance: A logic deduction.

No budget passed in 3 years, Obama’s last failed 97-0. Blame the Republicans! A limerick.

A thousand days passed and no budget in sight. The Democrats will not do anything right. Both Obama and Reid Fail our country in need. They blame the Republicans, try as they might.