Monthly Archives: June 2012

Sarah Palin increasingly irrelevant? Not by a longshot. A Limerick.

Irrelevant citizens, come and unite! Let’s go to the polls, give Obama our spite!! Sarah Palin’s the light At the head of the fight. Both Mourdock and Fischer, she knows who is right!

The recall election in Wisconsin. A Limerick.

Recall the Republican call that Democrats cannot recall. Wisconsin’s election showed us the selection of candidates winning this fall.

Saddam the Destroyer, or is it Barack? A Limerick.

“Saddam the destroyer,” or is it Barack? The end is the same, it is hard to keep track. With Limbaugh’s new book We’ll take a new look. The battle is on, there is no turning back. The “nickname “for Saddam Hussein was”Saddam the destroyer”. Saddam in Arabic means “One who confronts”. A description of the […]