How to beat Obama in 2012.

Romney beat Santorum by 8 votes in Iowa. He now has the bragging rights. He will cause Ron Paul and maybe Donald Trump to form a third party, – unless a candidate emerges that can prevent this disaster from happening.
Here is how Sarah Palin can do it.
Announce tomorrow she is a candidate for the presidency but also fully supporting Santorum in states where the deadline is passed. She will challenge him that whoever has the most delegates when time for the winner take all primaries come around will continue, and the other will suspend his or her campaign in favor of the other. In exchange she will offer Santorum the VP spot, but promise Santorum he is free to choose whomever.
Neither Trump nor Paul will mount a 3rd party challenge with Sarah in the ring since they recognize leadership when they see it and her solid financial credentials.
This works for a variety of reasons. The left will get two people to try to destroy. Sarah has already been vetted beyond any candidate before her, they will not go after Santorum as vigorously as before, the establishment will look like a dog between two sausages and cannot make up its mind who to attack first. The Democrats will concentrate on Sarah Palin being the real threat, but will be unable to lay a glove on her. Meanwhile, Santorum will be useful for the other fight, that of the Islamic threat to our country. When Santorum realized he was going to lose his senatorial bid to Bob Casey he let it all hang out and warned about the epic battle of the 21st century, the Islamization of the free world.
Together they will make it, and civilization will be rescued.


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  1. Jude Richardson
    Posted January 4, 2012 at 12:29 pm | Permalink

    Len: Are you throwing this up in the air to see where it lands? Or: Do you have a way to relay this to Palin and Santorum?

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