Thanksgiving without God. Barrack and Esther. A Limerick.

Can you have Thanksgiving and not mention God? (1)
Esther does not even once mention God. (2)
“If I perish, I perish” (3)
An expression to cherish.
T’was Sarah’s and Bibi’s Thanksgiving, Thank God! (4)

(1). President Obama in his Thanksgiving radio address reflected on how truly lucky we are. He gave thanks to the troops and volunteers in soup kitchens and spread it around. In fact, he gave thanks to just about everybody, but not God.
(2)There is a book in the Holy Bible that does not mention the name of God, not even once. The book is Esther (Hadassah in Hebrew). Yet God is everywhere between the lines, just not expressed in words.

(3)When Sarah Palin abruptly resigned as Governor less than 3 years into her term, she went fishing. The press was there and asked her many questions. She claimed the reasons for her resignation were so obvious that anybody should get it. Liberal interviewers are not just anybody, so they kept asking. In one of her answers she said the phrase from Esther, slightly concealed “If I die, I die”. This was too deep for the interviewers, for they do not even know there is a book in the Bible called Esther, and if they do they would never admit it, for the Bible is not something about which they are supposed to acknowledge any knowledge.
(4)In March 2011 Governor Sarah Palin’s arrived in Jerusalem just as Israelis celebrated the festivities of Purim.

Purim is the day Jews celebrate the story of Esther. It’s a very festive day. Kids dress up and food gifts are distributed to family and friends. People are very joyous and there is a lot of singing and dancing in the streets. It’s customary to drink lots of wine on Purim. It is also a day of giving a plenty of money to charity.

Governor Palin joined Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and his family for dinner in Jerusalem on Monday evening; The Purim dinner!

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