Monthly Archives: October 2011

What is worse, Romney and cult or Hillary and occult? A Limerick.

Does Romney belong to a cult? Did Hillary seek* the occult? If you are and adult It is not difficult You’d rather a cult than occult consult. *Following the November, 1994, midterm elections, in which the Democrats were thoroughly defeated by the Republicans, even losing control of both houses of Congress, Bill and Hillary turned […]

The electric car. Is it good or bad Karma?

The electric car. Is it good or bad Karma? Boy are we advancing in leaps and bounds: Here is the Roberts electric car, built 1896. It gets 40 miles to the charge. 116 years later, how far have we come in battery development? Most electricity is produced by burning coal. Much peak electricity is produced […]

A Climate skeptic’s epiphany response.

A Climate skeptic’s epiphany response. Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post started his op-ed with the sentence: “For the clueless or cynical diehards who deny global warming it is getting awfully cold out there”. Yes, indeed. It is getting cold alright. Robinson quoted Richard Muller, a true scientist, as having said “Global warming is real”. […]

Harry Reid: The private sector jobs are doing just fine. A limerick.

“The private jobs sector is doing just fine”. How could Harry Reid ever utter that line? In the senate no less. He has made such a mess. He should go to a place where the sun doesn’t shine.

Don’t drink the milk from your own cow! Ruling in Wisconsin.

The State of Wisconsin, the County of Dane has issued a ruling that I call insane. If you own your cow We still won’t allow you to drink from its milk, to appeal is in vain. What follows is an excerpt from Judge Patrick J. Fiedler (Circuit Court, Branch 8, State of Wisconsin) ruling: (1) […]

Sasha and Malia are “Senior staff” on Michelle Obama African Safari. A Limerick.

The president’s two daughters, Sasha and Malia, were listed as “Senior Staff” on the manifest of a family safari to Africa, which cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars at a minimum, according to a government corruption fighter based in Washington. Sasha, Malia are now “Senior staff” That makes them fair game in the world […]

Predator strikes on U.S.Citizens. A Limerick.

Obama assassinates, war just the same, So Habeas Corpus in now but a name. The predator strikes On Americans, Yikes! Constitution is void – and that’s to our shame.