Religious? Service in TV2 in Sweden. What happened to Sweden?

Religious? Service in TV2 in Sweden. What happened to Sweden.
First some information about Swedish TV programming: Every Swedish customer must pay about $400 per year for the right to have a TV. This is to pay for the Government TV, two channels. In addition there are about 8 channels of commercial TV, plus a plethora of Cable TV offerings. But to have a TV at all you must pay. For this the Swedish Government promises to produce a balanced, high quality programming, including religious programming.
Some more background: We have been living in U.S.A the last 42 years, but have not lost contact with Sweden and Denmark. My wife is Danish and I am a Swede. Mother is 92 years old, and since the largest hurricane to hit the East Coast in 30 years we took the opportunity to go and visit her. She was born and raised on an island in the West Swedish skerries, a stronghold of Schartauan Christianity. Schartau was a normal Lutheran when he attended a church service where the officiating was drunk and slurred the speech when he delivered the biblical text. He realized that God’s word is the same no matter how unworthy the deliverer is, and he decided to dedicate his life to proclaim God’s word. His following was strong, and in this stronghold the village had about 900 inhabitants, the church held 700 and was filled every Sunday. This was in her childhood. In the 40’s we lived in Central Sweden for a few years, where the attendance a normal Sunday service consisted of the Pastor, the bell ringer/organist, our family and an elderly, single lady. We followed the development during the 50’s with theology modernizing, the female priest question, followed by social responsibility and collective salvation. End of background.
My mother likes to hear the Church Service in the TV, since there are too many stairs and other trouble to cope with going to church. We looked forward to put on the TV to hear the Word of God. It was billed as “Service from Tyresö” and was the only religious service offered that week. On the screen appeared a window with outlook over a tantalizing lea sloping down to a lake. The female priest spoke of the power of women citing Rahab in Jericho. This was as an introduction to the main event of the service: An interview with the left Socialist politician Gudrun Schyman.
She was given freedom to talk about whatever she felt. After the leading question “Do you believe in God?” she was honest enough to answer “No, I don’t”. But she did believe in humanity and the power women have to exercise her definition of love, which has very little to do with God’s love. Instead of “agape”, God’s love, her definition was a combination of erotic attraction, mutual dependency and social responsibility. She also took the opportunity to badmouth th Church and its power through the ages, especially in their oppression of women. As an example of female oppression she mentioned the reluctance of the Church to endorse abortion on demand. She also read a poem about physical attraction between people of undetermined sexual orientation during the declining stages of their lives.The priest let her ramble on until time was up. The only time the name of God was mentioned was in the question “Do you believe in God?”
What happened to Sweden? No faith, no hope, only left with an erotic desire and longing towards the end of life when erotic expressions have ceased. When mind and memory is fleeing is this the best the Church in Sweden can offer?
A last question: What were the thoughts of Gudrun Schyman, an avowed atheist, when she lit a candle at the end of the service?


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