A Limerick about terrorist Hobbits from flyover states.

The logic coming from the left never ceases to amaze me. How did they equate Republicans with terrorists? The only way I can come up with for now goes like this:
A couple of weeks ago, a Norwegian, Anders Behring Brevik bombed a Norwegian government building in Oslo, much like the Oklahoma City bomber, but unlike Timothy McVeigh he did not flee, but killed a large number of youth in a social democratic political indoctrination camp, wanting to be captured alive so he could forward his political ideology, documented in a 1500+ page manifesto.
NY Times immediately declared he was a “radical right wing fundamentalist Christian”. In his manifesto he stated he was a culturally conservative agnostic, advocating respect for Norway’s Viking and Christian heritage .When that didn’t work the Daily Mail (U.K.) noted that he advocated a European version of the Tea Party, which is supported by Sarah Palin.
Here is the logical chain: Anders Brevik is a terrorist. He advocates a Tea Party. Ergo: All tea party supporters are terrorists.
John McCain quoted the Wall street Journal on the Senate floor and called the tea party supporters Hobbits.
The thoughts led to the following Limerick:

Terrorist Hobbits from flyover states!
Palin supporters, the left us berates.
Let us pick up the fight.
And so do what is right.
Love one another! The left only hates.


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