Sarah Palin annouces her candidacy at Bob & Marks show. A dream.

This is my dream of how Sarah should announce her run for President. She will, as promised announce it on Bob & Mark’s radio show (KWHL, Anchorage, Alaska, 106.5) at 5 in the morning before going off to jury duty. There she will announce that her formal announcement will be from the North Slope. The time will be after her jury duty is completed, details to follow, but to be fair to all journalists she will give them twice the time congress has been given to read thru a 2000 page bill.
At the North Slope the conditions are ideal. The mosquitos are larger than ever, and the water puddles on top of the frozen sandbars teem with larvae. She will give an environmental speech for about three hours after which the journalists still alive will be given the opportunity to ask questions. Sounds good to me. What do you think?


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