Study: Independence Day teaches children to be Republicans. A Limerick

Study: Independence Day teaches children to be Republicans
By Devin Brown July 1, 2011
(Credit: Cliff Owen)
(CBS/What’s Trending) – Can celebrating the Fourth of July turn you into a Republican? A recent Harvard University study concludes holiday celebrations have a large impact into what shapes a child culturally, socially and politically. Case in point, the 4th of July.
According to the study, there is a direct link between a child’s participation in the national holiday and that same child’s subsequent voting, party identification and party contribution habits.
Here is the breakdown. According to the study, a successful Independence Day, more specifically one without rain, before the age of 18 raises the likelihood of identifying as a Republican by two percent.

Republicans celebrate, Democrats fret
Independence and liberty not over yet.
On this fourth of July
There is ample supply
To make us Republicans, but do not get wet!


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