Monthly Archives: July 2011

Hobbits for Palin. A Limerick.

The “Hobbits for Palin”, so spoke John McCain Implying the “Tea Party” vote was in vain. It’s business as usual Our future not crucial Pile debt upon debt, it is Washington’s gain.

What happened to the Social Security trust fund? A Limerick

Mr. President! Will seniors get paid? Your excuse never ends. You squandered the trust fund to pay off your friends. “George Bush is to blame!” Your mantra the same. You own the economy now. Make amends!

Terror in Norway. Why?

Terror in Norway. Why? Nothing ever happens in Norway. That was true until yesterday when over 95 people were killed in a bombing in Oslo and a Social Democratic youth camp. It didn’t take long for the blame game to start. This is what I have learnt: Al-Qaida: Two different groups claiming responsibility. The Israeli […]

The end of U.S. dominance in space. A limerick

It was the 20th of July 1969 and my wife and I had been in the U.S. for a little over a year. We were sitting in the living room watching the moon landing and saw real live feed from the moon. President Nixon said in for him an unusally excited voice “This is the […]

Obama, debt limit, social security and priorities. A Limerick

Obama said last week he turns fifty in one week. According to his “Birth Certificate” his official birthday is not for another two weeks. Maybe he was born a few weeks earlier in Kenya? Be that as it may, if we do not get an increase in the debt ceiling he does not know if […]

The Obama impeachment song.

The impeachment song: (To the tune of “Please release me, let me go” Please impeach me, let me go I can’t usurp it any more Make decisions is a chore and bargain, it is to me a bore. I believed in change and hope. It changed for worse, I cannot cope I began to sulk […]

Sarah Palin annouces her candidacy at Bob & Marks show. A dream.

This is my dream of how Sarah should announce her run for President. She will, as promised announce it on Bob & Mark’s radio show (KWHL, Anchorage, Alaska, 106.5) at 5 in the morning before going off to jury duty. There she will announce that her formal announcement will be from the North Slope. The […]

Record late ice breakup at Barrow, Alaska expected. A Limerick

Late ice breakup forecast for Barrow, Alaska. Maybe even a record late breakup. The icepack at Barrow is still holding firm The warming enthusiasts are starting to squirm. What happened to warming? This is most alarming. No cap and trade bill in Obama’s one term.

Study: Independence Day teaches children to be Republicans. A Limerick

Study: Independence Day teaches children to be Republicans By Devin Brown July 1, 2011 (Credit: Cliff Owen) (CBS/What’s Trending) – Can celebrating the Fourth of July turn you into a Republican? A recent Harvard University study concludes holiday celebrations have a large impact into what shapes a child culturally, socially and politically. Case in point, […]

Obama gave tax breaks in the stimulus package. A Limerick

Obama gave tax breaks for corporate jets In “stimulus package”; as bad as it gets. He alone is to blame but shifts blame just the same. Irresponsible acts, but he knows no regrets