Monthly Archives: June 2011

Governor Sarah Palin To Attend Premiere of the Undefeated At Pella Opera House In Pella Iowa, followed by a cookout.

Opportunity knocks on the windows of Pella. Sarah Palin, an upright and outstanding fella will come to the cookout. Let’s be on the lookout for showers of blessings, don’t bring an umbrella.

Michelle Obama, SEIU and a shovel-ready project. A Limerick

A shovel-ready lady with SEIU Just downright mean look in her face. What say you? “This Charter school project is not my first object. I’d rather be elsewhere, why not Timbuktu?”

Can you flippinbelieveit? Sarah Palin’s e-mails. A Limerick.

Over 40000 pages of Sarah Palin’s e-mails were released Friday covering her years a Governor up to her selection as Vice President. Washington Post called for volunteers to help them dig up dirt. What did they find? Nothing, except more than 13000 e-mails without anything embarrassing, all produced in a time span of 2 years. […]

Sarah Palin’s e-mails. A Limerick

With e-mails galore from then Governor Palin The MSM hoped to put the last nail in her coffin. The Press horde instead fell on their sword. Soon President Palin we all may be hailin’.

Sarah Palin on Lexington and Paul Revere. A Limerick.

Coming out of the Old North Church in Boston Sarah Palin mentioned that Paul Revere had warned the British that they were not going to take away our freedom. Sarah Palin in North Church did mention Revere Fired up the entire left wing blogosphere. She is out of her mind Or words even less kind […]