Monthly Archives: May 2011

Sarah Palin at Rolling Thunder 2011. A Limerick.

While Sarah did run with the thundering herd. From most there was not a discouraging word. Except from the press. They made such a mess. Is it lies or just bias? Distinction is blurred.

Obama: Made in the USA, but his birthplace is Kenya. A Limerick.

Obama was made in good old U.S.A. That’s true, but his birthplace is Kenya, ixnay? Fraudulent document Poisons our sentiment. He is but a fraud, that is all I will say.. Sorry, this document is a fraud, too. His grandmother’s name is misspelt. This is the document the White House released. It is an obvious […]

Sarah Palin bus tour “One nation under God”. A Limerick.

Our Sarah is taking a tour of the land While Liberals still stick their heads in the sand. The wing-flaps of history Do unlock the mystery. The truth rings out clearly: “United we stand”

Obama’s toast to the Queen. He is toast. A limerick

Obama in Europe for six endless days Embarrassed our country in so many ways: Playing “God save the Queen” He kept talking – How mean! Narcissimus Maximus Rex he portrays.

Obama still thinks it is 2008. A Limerick.

O’Bama still thinks it is 2008. No wonder George Bush is to blame for his fate. He lives in the past Now this cannot last We must unelect him, I can hardly wait. This is what Barack Hussein Obama (O’Bama while in Ireland) signed in the Westminster Abbey Guestbook:

Obama appeasement Chamberlain style. A Limerick

Obama and Chamberlain: Peace for our time. Our history tells us: Wage war is a crime. Appeasement is worse When warmongers curse The peace-accord promised is not worth a dime. Here is a piece from The Telegraph(UK): Britain at War: Chamberlain a hero, Churchill booed I clearly remember watching the latest Newsreel in our local […]

Obama the fraud. A Limerick.

The long form certificate, edited rough With layers and characters not up to snuff They are from an old fraud That showed he was born abroad. Like Barry himself, it’s all made up stuff So, Obama released his long form certificate. It bears a striking resemblance to an old fraud that showed him born in […]