Obama is not eligible to be president. A Limerick

“Under provisions of THE Constitution”
Dropped from Obama’s State Certification
The White House resident
Illegal President
Nancy & Co signed in collusion.

This is deeper than just a birth certificate. Has this happened before? They keep saying we are after Barack Obama because he is a black man. Nothing could be further from the truth. He was elected because he was a black man, and as such all questions about his past was considered racist.
In 1952 during the election campaign between Eisenhower and Adlai Stevenson it was discovered that Eisenhower didn’t have a birth certificate, nobody had bothered to file one. So they promptly did as can be seen in this newspaper clip:
If you want to become President of the United States you must follow the constitution to the letter, and proving eligibility is one of the requirements.
The next time the question of eligibility came up was in 2008. John McCain was the nominee and he was not born in the U.S. He was born in a hospital in Panama just outside the canal zone, and that constitutes foreign birth with U.S. citizenship because his parents were U.S. citizens.
This case was troubling enough for many Democrats, so they decided to take up the case in Congress. The natural thing would be to make the case his parents were abroad on diplomatic or military mission under order from the Commander in chief, and would therefore qualify as natural born citizen under the diplomatic exemption. In their wisdom they settled instead on the fact that he was born to married U.S. citizens and thus a natural born citizen.
Since both houses of Congress was controlled by Democrats there was no interest in declaring Obama eligible even though he was born to an underage mother and a British subject father.
There was a way around the inevitable questions (50+ lawsuits so far). Ignore the constitutional requirement altogether. (I am condensing from an article in Canadafreepress http://www.canadafreepress.com/index.php/article/22221 )
The US Supreme Court knows what the constitutional condition of “natural born citizen” means. Even the most far left member of that court, Justice Ginsberg, is on record proclaiming that a “natural born citizen” is a birth child of TWO legal US citizens.
Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi knows that Barack Hussein Obama is not eligible for the office of president, which is why she refused to certify the following language when certifying Obama as the DNC candidate for president in 2008.
This is the normal language for certification of nomination for president and vice president, filed by the DNC only in the state of Hawaii…

This is the language filed by the DNC in the other 49 states, however…

Note that the language which certifies that Barack Hussein Obama meets all constitutional qualifications is missing in the DNC documents filed in 49 of the 50 states. The certification of constitutional qualification for the office of president was filed only in Hawaii. That text is missing in the DNC certification filings for all other states.
Whereas the RNC filed the exact same certification document, including the constitutional text for John McCain in all 50 states, Obama was technically certified in only one state, Hawaii. Or was he?
This is the “Certification” they sent back to the Electoral College:
This is the one for John Kerry

And this is the one for Barack ObamaWhat the Democratic Party of Hawaii’s 2008 Certification of Nomination left out are these words: ‘of the United States Constitution and are the duly chosen candidates of both the state and,’.

Read more: Hawaii Dems button-lipped on Obama eligibility status http://www.wnd.com/?pageId=207197#ixzz1IekN2ogZ
Here is one more interesting read regarding his Hawaiian ‘certification’:


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    U.S. Supreme Court will not hear case of eligibility; they KNOW he is not eligible under U.S. Constitution.
    If they knew he WAS eligible, they would have heard case long ago.

    Those justices Obama appointed would have to recuse themselves from the case.

    SAD – our U.S. Supreme Court in view of over 50 lawsuits regarding his ineligibility will not hear case.
    SAD – that Congress does not demand case be heard by U.S. Supreme Court. [Congress could demand it]
    SAD – that Democrats endorsed a person that they know to be not eligible under rules of Constitution.
    SAD – that Democrats continue to say Obama is eligible. [They no longer deserve my vote.]

    U.S. Supreme Court disrespects and dishonors our rule of law under U.S. Constitution.

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