European Union or Debt Union. The U.S. next?

In this debate Jan 19 2011 at the EU parliament in Bruxelles, Belgium, the British delegate waxes eloquent and gets the point across. Later comes a Swede, lacking eloquence, trying ridicule. This never works with a true Brit. Anyhow the point of this snippet is that currency speculations during the 90’s destroyed one currency after another, beginning with the Swedish Krona and ending with the Pound Sterling. The speculators, of which George Soros was a prominent member, made out very well as the bandits they were, and this hastened the creation of the EURO. Interestingly, neither United Kingdom nor Sweden is part of the EURO.

The EU is poised for a serious fall.
And U.S. is next, that means you, me and all.
George Soros is scheming.
He is not just dreaming
Only Sarah stands tall, maybe she’ll heed the call.


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