Blood Libel and Sarah Palin. A most apt term.

The illustration on the left, located at the cult-church of Anderl von Rinn until recently, portrays the “martyrdom” of Anderl, a three year-old boy who became the focus of a blood-libel cult in the seventeenth-century. Anderl is the child being held down and having his throat slit. The killers are clearly marked as Jews by their clothes and turbans (one form of the “special mark” Jews were forced to carry by Church decree).

The third, lower, figure is collecting the child’s blood in a bowl. The myth of the blood libel was that the blood of a Christian child was used to make Passover matzohs.

“Blood Libel” is termed the new phrase of the week.
As ugly as sin and not fit for the weak.
But Sarah, she dared
The apt term be shared.
For hate is much worse than a slow steady leak.


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