Monthly Archives: January 2011

Unemployed, discouraged, discarded. A Limerick.

If you have been unemployed more than a year, you count as “discouraged”, a case less severe. Do not go ballistic You are a statistic. No more unemployed, but a discard. So there!

Obama state of the union and exceptionalism. A Limerick.

Obama spoke well of exceptionalism not seen through his radical socialist prism. He tried to veer right, ignore his old fight. His own may disown him and thus cause a schism.

The date of the union. A Limerick.

The date of the union we all saw last night. They sat Kumbaja to conceal the big fight. Like preadolescents Give Valentine presents, it’s hard to distinguish the left from the right.

Obama’s accomplishments, wood hay and stubble. A Limerick.

Obama, our President gets us in trouble. The debt to our children is poised for a double. “Together we thrive”, it just does not jive. Obama’s accomplishments? Wood, hay and stubble*. *Quote from the King James Bible 1 Corinthians 3:11-13 For other foundation can no man lay than that is laid, which is Jesus Christ. […]

Lies, damned lies, Statistics and Climate Forecasting. A song.

It is hard to make predictions – especially about the future (Yogi Berra, Niels Bohr, et al.) The Met Office has caused a storm of controversy after it was revealed their £30million supercomputer designed to predict climate change is one of Britain’s worst polluters. The massive machine – the UK’s most powerful computer with a […]

Memorial service t-shirts and applasues. A Limerick.

Now what do you think? Does Obama have taste? A memorial service is no time to waste. The start of the campaign Let’s bring out the champagne and t-shirts, applause signs prepared in all haste.

Minnesotans for global warming rise up! A Limerick

Minnesotans are sturdy, they know it is bad. They love global warming to warm up their pad. New records are set. How cold can it get? The warmers don’t realize they have been had.

My testimony on time and space, eternity and the eternal covenant. “The Grand design”.

Here I was, age 32, gloriously saved by reading the book of Matthew and seeing the honesty of the words “that deceiver” suddenly convincing me that Jesus Christ is risen. But how do I reconcile that with my belief that God is outside time and space, if he exists at all? Not only did I […]

Obama names Jeffery Immelt as head of new economic board. A Limerick.

Obama names GE CEO as head of new economic board From Michael O’Brien – 01/21/11 07:41 AM ET  The top executive at one of America’s largest corporations is taking over as head of President Obama’s outside economic advisory council. Obama named Jeffery Immelt, the chief executive officer of General Electric (GE), as chairman of […]

Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God.

On July 4, 1776 Congress appointed Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams ” to bring in device for a seal for the United States. “Franklin’s proposal adapted the bibical story of the parting of the Red Sea. Jefferson first recommended the ” Children of Israel in the Wilderness”, lead by a Cloud by Day, […]