California should be split into 2 states. A Limerick.

Should California be divided into 2 states?
I have been thinking a lot of dividing California into 2 states. It really makes sense on so many fronts.
The name of the states should be California and Pacifis – after Atlantis that sank into the ocean.
Pacifis should include all territory west of San Andreas Fault, and including the whole southern portion of the San Francisco Bay up to San Pablo. The Northern portion of the bay will remain in California.
It will then be relatively easy to put up inspection points to make sure no contraband Mc Donald’s happy meal toys get smuggled into Pacifis. The border with Mexico, that’s another story.
Then as events unfurl we can watch Pacifis as it sinks.

The Limerick:
The State California: Too big to contain.
It really should split, be divided in twain.
For west of the fault line
Decline is the byline
The rest is productive, we’ll let it remain.


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  1. Posted April 29, 2011 at 2:56 am | Permalink

    i guess everyone in the Pacifis would be selling all the food, water, grazing rights to California.

    since they steal norcal water anyway… why not. I’d love to finally get some of the resources back, that was stripped from so-cal…

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