Monthly Archives: November 2010

California should be split into 2 states. A Limerick.

Should California be divided into 2 states? I have been thinking a lot of dividing California into 2 states. It really makes sense on so many fronts. The name of the states should be California and Pacifis – after Atlantis that sank into the ocean. Pacifis should include all territory west of San Andreas Fault, […]

Obama the arrogant. A Limerick

President Obama the Most “Arrogant” Man He Ever Met You may recall that during President Obama’s vacation at Martha’s Vineyard, on August 27 he took in a round of golf at the Vineyard Golf Club in Edgartown, playing golf with New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg; Democratic lawyer, business man and éminence grise Vernon Jordan; […]

The mysterious contrail in California. A Limerick.

The contrail we saw in the Western sky did come from a missile. A foe or a spy? The G20 conference had China’s veiled reference: You owe us the money. No need to reply.

Who is in charge here? A Limerick.

When SEIU counts the votes in Nevada Who then is in charge of the whole enchilada? But Obama fersure Makes our harbors secure, He entrusts ILA with the merchant armada. SEIU: Service Employees International Union. ILA: International Longshoremen’s Association.

Driving Miss Sarah. A Limerick

Driving Miss Sarah, it’s not what you think. As he drives our nation right down to the brink. In the back seat she ponders As he quickly squanders Our kit and kaboodle, they’re gone in a blink.

Obama drunk while giving speech. A Limerick

I found this snippet at In North Carolina Obama was drunk. And this is the snippet: Drunk as a skunk. Like Couric, it’s edited to make him discredited, but snippets like these are hard to debunk. Watch the pained expression of the woman behid him and the amused reaction of some of the other […]

Sarah Palin coined the word of the year. A Limerick.

Sarah Palin’s reality show scored huge ratings for its premiere Sunday night, while the guardians of usage at the New Oxford American Dictionary awarded the former Alaska governor the higher-brow distinction of coining 2010’s “word of the year” — “refudiate” — via her Twitter account. Sarah Palin has minted the word of the year. The […]

A Limerick on QE2

QE2, once a liner is moored in Dubai. Our money is gone, we have kissed them good-bye. We purchased their oils, and they got the spoils. The rest of the money? With the Bank of Shang-Hai.

G20 in Seoul. A Limerick.

G20 is meeting in Seoul, South Korea. They all give Obama a squirt of urea. Trade talks – forget it. He still doesn’t get it For printing of money is no panacea.

Robert Gibbs in Indian fight. A Limerick

Press Secretary Robert Gibbs is known for sparring with White House reporters, making for what often seems like an antagonistic mood in the briefing room. But during President Obama’s trip to India, Gibbs assumed the role of press advocate and threatened to pull Obama out of bilateral talks with Indian Prime Minister Manmoham Singh because […]