Mister Obama: Do you have the gumption? Limerick

President Obama on Sunday night capped a weekend of campaigning for Democrat candidates with a rousing rally in Columbus, Ohio, seeking to will his party toward staunching what looks to be a drubbing in midterm elections two weeks from Tuesday.

Obama, turning again to his attacks on millions of dollars in campaign ads run by independent groups that do not under law have to disclose their donors, referred to special interests as an “empire.”
“The empire is striking back,” he said.
The president did not mention the prospect of foreign money being used by the outside groups, however, but rather used a new tact of casting the anonymous donors as cowardly.
“They don’t have the courage, they don’t have the gumption to stand up and disclose their identity,” Obama said.
The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has said that many of their donors do not want to be identified because they are worried about retaliation from allies of the president, and privately political experts say that businesses are concerned that the White House may try to use the levers of power to penalize those who they know are opposing them.
The Limerick:

Mister Obama, do you have the gumption
to disclose your identity? It is our assumption
you have much to hide.
We can’t let it ride.
You’re not certified yet, it‘s rule by presumption.


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