Federal Licensing of Universities. A Limerick

I knew there was something to it when the student loans got taken over by the Feds in the health care bill. At the time there seemed to be no connection.
Here comes step 2.
The Department of Education is attempting to subject every college and university in America – public and private – to political supervision.
Under a proposed federal rule change, institutions of higher education “would be required to have a document of state approval … to operate an educational program, including programs leading to a degree or certificate,” explained an analysis by Shapri D. LoMaglio for the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities.
“I think it is the greatest threat to academic freedom in our lifetime,” former Sen. Bill Armstrong, now president of Colorado Christian University, told Bob Unruh, a World Net Daily reporter. “But only if you love liberty.”

The Limerick:

This goes too far, they must think we are fools;
Federal licensing graduate schools.
Obama’s new U
will mind-transform you.
Indoctrination with more Maoist tools.


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