Chris Coons or Christine O’Donnell for Senate? A Limerick.

Chris Coons is running for the Senate seat in Delaware, opposing Christine O’Donnell.
After a year or more of foreign college education in Kenya he wrote the essay “The making of a bearded Marxist”. This experience defined his world-view, and as far as I know it still defines him.
I will happily provide him with a campaign Limerick.

If you trust Obama you will like Chris Coons,
as anti-colonials they are Marxist goons.
Just like the old Mao Mao
They will have their Pow Wow
For “social justice” his little heart swoons.

Christine is more known to the jokesters, so many do not realize she has a serious side.
Here is her Limerick

Christine is more sane, you can rest assured.
She dabbles no more, her faith has matured.
No more youthful sins,
You know when she wins
to trust her to vote right, her values secured.


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