The final results of the Swedish 2010 election.

Results from the Swedish election.
Sunday 19 Sep 2010 Sweden voted in a new party, Sverigedemoraterna, a party opposed to the very generous immigration policies that has been the norm in Sweden the last 20 years. All the established parties worked hard to prevent this from occurring, but to no avail. The anger among some Swedes was big enough to overcome a united press and TV portraying the new party as Nazistic, arrogant, hateful, unrealistic, unsolidaric (that is a bad word in Sweden), stupid, idiotic, to name a few. Nevertheless, they are in and the question for the Swedes is now how to deal with it.
First the final results:
84% of eligible voters voted, Take that, America!
Moderaterna ( “conservative” ) 107 delegates
Centerpartiet ( In the middle, rural) 23
Folkpartiet (Social Liberal) 24
Kristdemokraterna (liberal, Christian) 19
Socialdemokraterna (liberal socialists) 112
Vänsterpartiet (real socialists) 19
Miljöpartiet ( greens) 25
Sverigedemokraterna ( new right) 20
The ruling alliance came within 1922 votes of an absolute majority of the votes cast but are two delegates short of having a majority of delegates.
In a small district, Värmland there are 70 disputed votes, and the alliance is 7 votes short of adding another delegate.
Sverigedemokraterna is the sixth largest party out of eight, which means they will have to be given committee assignments in the new parliament.
Still nobody wants to talk to SD, so the political intrigues are going to be fascinating to follow.

The conclusion: Voting matters.


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