The Swedish Election Limerick

Sweden is having a general election this Sunday, 9/19/2010.
It is usually of little interest to anybody but Swedes, but this one is different.
There has arisen a new party, “Sverigedemoraterna” – the Swedish Democrats- and all the established political parties, the media, and the immigrants are joining forces to shut them out of debates, and disrupt their election campaigning even to the point of tampering with ballots in voting places.
The Swedish state run TV news report “Rapport” had this telling interview of a Social Democrat election worker two weeks before the election.

First picture:
The real Islam is for love, equality and solidarity.

Second Picture:
That’s why I am a Social Democrat. It is the same ideology.

Two weeks ago it seemed that the Swedish Democrats was going to be shut out ofthe parliament, but a backlash seems to be brewing because of the Hamas – like tactics of the opponents. Watch for the results to see if Sweden is waking up to the dangers of being swallowed up in “the same ideology”.

Which brings us to the Limerick:

Socialist, Muslim are different in name,
Except for Sharia the aim is the same
This picture from Sweden
A Socialist Eden
Where even the media streams more left than lame.


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