Vote fishing in Sweden September 2010

Vote fishing in Sweden September 2010

Sweden is having a national election the third Sunday in September. All of parliament is being elected, so this is a big deal.
Sweden has more than 500000 Muslims, about 5.5% of the population.
They live to a large extent in enclaves, voluntarily separating themselves from the rest of society, and start demanding their own laws in their enclaves.
The Swedish system is one of strict proportionality of elected officials, there are makeup elected officials to make the result as proportional a possible. The party decides the list of candidates, and it is virtually impossible to deviate from the pecking order the party has decided. This encourages many parties, but to make it more manageable, a party must reach 4% of the total votes to get any candidates at all.
There is a new, small, anti-immigrant party “Sverigedemokraterna”, and the established parties are working hard to exclude them from gaining 4% of the vote, to the point of tampering with accessibility to their voting lists.
Right now there is a “conservative” government in Sweden. Their positions would be like the left of center Democrats in the US, but they are not socialists.
The Social Democrats have a leader, Mona Sahlin who is getting desperate to get back to power, her nickname among detractors is “Mona Muslim” and she is a genuine oikophobe.
Yesterday (Sep 2) there was a “voter education rally for first time voters” in a city in the middle of Sweden (örebro) . Mona Sahlin, the party leader herself led the participants in this “education rally” from the lecture hall to the voting hall. The object was to get as many of the new voters to vote Social Democrat, and not lose one on the way. The voting locale had been opened for early voting for this specific purpose.
The video that follows is in Swedish, but the words are not important, the pictures are.

The muslim woman in the shawl said she was undecided until she heard what the Social Democrats stood for, and now she is ready to vote 100% for the Social Demorats.
One of the quotes from theSocial Democrat party Boss Mona Sahlin towards the end of the clip is:
“If you want to vote to lower the taxes for the rich do not vote for me”
This way she did not urge anyone to vote for her, so no campaigning was occurring


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