Ode to an unprecedented president. A Limerick Song.

Unprecedented, Unprecedented. Everything this president does is “unprecedented”.
I’ll show you what’s unprecedented!

Ode to an unprecedented president.

Obama’s election was unprecedented
The love from the people is well documented
The oath was in vain
He took it again
Repeat without Bible – that’s unprecedented

No sooner in office he debt-load augmented
The stimulus package was quite corpulented
The bill, signed before read
Keeps his friends well fed
The rest, go get lost! That is unprecedented.

The minds of the healthcare bill’s authors demented
Its complexity is quite unprecedented
No doctors on call
The Pols did it all.
They must have been drinking some quaff quite fermented.

The oil spill made Mexican Gulf oh so scented
The scope of inaction was unprecedented
They didn’t react
Kept up the Jones’ act.
Their incompetence level unprecedented.

And Shirley Sherrod to her audience presented
Disdain for the folks that are much less pigmented.
They gave her the heck
For fear of Glenn Beck
The speed of her ousting was unprecedented.

That wasn’t at all what she just had presented
Redemption was what all her audience resented.
Instead of the heck
They asked: Please come back.
That too was for presidents unprecedented.

In this little song we have now documented
Catastrophes many quite unprecedented
Insanity shelve!
In 2012
Go vote, make this President unpresidented!

©2010 Lennart Bilén


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