A Limerick on being snookered

Sarah Palin May 20 to Denver crowd on “Obamacare” .
“America, we got snookered on this one. It was rammed down our throat.”
Next time snookered appears in the news cycle was July 21:
The NAACP has retracted its original statement condemning comments made by a former Agriculture Department official who resigned after a video clip surfaced of her discussing a white farmer.
The NAACP said in a statement Tuesday that it was “snookered by Fox News” and conservative website publisher Andrew Breitbart. (Fox News did not air anything about the story until after she got fired).

Isn’t it interesting how Sarah Palin influences the very words the very left wing use, especially in moments of sheer panic.

Funny, I feel a Limerick coming up:

Ben Jealous of NAACP played snooker.
He stirred racial politics big pressure cooker.
When stirring the pot
He lost hold of the plot.
The snook’rer got snooker’d; I am just a looker.


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