A Limerick on freedom, Tea Party, entrerprise and much more.

It seems that this country is coming to pieces
On Tea Party Movement the left hate releases.
We’re going to pot!
Our economy shot.
Obama loves enterprise less than dogs’ feces.

That was the Limerick that came to me when I read the blogs on the financial side.
In the evening my Wife and I went to a prayer meeting where we prayed for our country and its leaders, even down to Obama’s children that they could go to Bible School and familiarize themselves with the old spirituals.
In that day they understood that their real home was not USA, and not Africa. No, their real home was in heaven. We also prayed that our constitution would survive the assaults. Again I realized the battle is not economical and not political, but intensely spiritual.

Here is the modified limerick:

It seems that our country is going to pieces
On our Constitution the left hate releases.
Our freedom gets lost,
We must pray at all cost!
Obama loves liberty less than dogs’ feces.


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