The Obama press conference on the oil spill catastrophe.

The Obama press conference on the oil spill catastrophe.

Hmm, let’s see. Obama made it clear that from day one the government was in charge, and that BP did nothing without the Government’s approval.
He got the question about the 600000 gallons of chemical dispersants that must have been dispersed under the government’s orders. This question was not answered. The dispersant is four times more toxic than crude oil, so how this could help is beyond me.
On the other hand Louisiana Governor Jindal has to wait for the completion of the environmental impact study before he can go ahead and build his sand barriers.
This reminds me of Katrina when the government hired thousands of new workers once the scope of the catastrophe was evident. They had to go through 3 days of sensitivity training before they could go out and rescue people. The armed forces could not be deployed until the states asked for them. So far, Obama has not even declared an emergency to my knowledge.
Fear not. As a relatively new immigrant I learned that in 1976, General George Washington was made a five star general. This should give us an indication of the speed with which the government is working to solve the real problems of this country.


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